Gold Rush - Extra Services, Fine Jewelry Repair, Cleaning and Layaways!

At Gold Rush we go the extra mile so here are a few additional services with you in mind!


Did you break your gold Chain? We can solder it back together!
Stone fall out of your favorite ring? We can reset it!
Is your wedding ring missing a diamond? We may have one available in our shop for purchase!
Watch band to big? Bring it in and we can take out a few links!

We treat your jewelry with care so bring in your broken fine jewelry and let our meticulous Goldsmith, ''Ferdie'' look it over. Having many years of experience, ''Ferdie'' is usually able to make most repairs. If your fine jewelry can be restored to sound condition, the repairs will be explained and you will be given a pre-estimate on the cost. Since all repairs are done on the premises, you can be wearing your favorite piece within hours. If your in a hurry take advantage of our Drop off and Pick Up service!

We repair: rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and charms!

We size rings both up and down, set stones, remount, re-tip, buff and polish.
We also solder or replace: shanks, spring rings, lobster clasps, safety catches, links and prongs. We make jewelry alterations as well!

Repair prices will vary depending on the procedure of the repair, time and materials involved.

We reserve the right to refuse to repair any piece we deem necessary!
We only use the highest quality of soldering gold available!


Another service we offer for your convenience is FREE gold jewelry cleaning.

So when that gold necklace or beautiful diamond you have starts to look
dull, dirty or that dazzling dance of light is gone, its time to bring it in and let us clean it.

We clean your jewelry in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machine. An ultrasonic cleaner is a electronic device which is designed to remove dust, dirt, film, lotion or any other type of buildup, quickly and easily.

The cleaning is achieved by using ultrasound and an appropriate solution. Once our cleaning machine is turned on, the motor will vibrate the solution, at an ultra-high frequency which enables the cleaning to occur.

The vibrating motion of the ultrasonic waves creates microscopic bubbles in the solution in a process called cavitation; millions of tiny bubbles knock into one another and will clean even the most intricate parts without scratching their surface.

This motion is very effective at penetrating even the tiniest crevices in jewelry that traditional cleaning cloths and topical cleaners cannot reach.

After your jewelry is cleaned, it is rinsed and then dried with a lint free cloth.

Most jewelry can be cleaned while you wait but if your piece is extremely dirty, a couple of hours in the ultrasonic cleaner may be necessary.

So protect your investment by maintaining its beauty and it will always sparkle just like the day you bought it!


Did you find something in our shop that you just have to own but are short on money?
Our convenient layaway plan helps you to purchase all your gift needs year round and yet leaves you with cash in your pocket!
Take advantage of our Layaway program today because it may be gone tomorrow!

  • Any item in our store is eligible for our layaway plan, with just 20% of the total purchase price down*.
  • Your remaining balance must be paid off in 90 days.
  • Payments are due every month and you must pay, at least, a monthly payment to keep the layaway current.
  • If you have remained current, as a courtesy to you, we will extend the layaway out one additional month.
  • If your layaway is $1,000.00 or more and you have remained current, we will extend your layaway out until it is paid off.
  • If you change your mind and no longer want the item you placed on layaway, a $10.00 cancellation fee will be accessed.
  • You will be issued a Gold Rush in-shop credit for the paid amount, less the $10.00 cancellation fee.
  • Your Gold Rush in-shop credit can only be redeemed for merchandise and may not be used to pay a loan or as a repair payment.

* excludes specially marked items