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     People struggle with their day to day finances; washing machine suddenly goes out, car breaks down, hours at work are cut and now more than ever people are being laid off.  Many just need a short term loan to get by and that's where we come in.... Gold Rush Pawner's & Jewelers is a privately owned and personally managed collateral loan company and we have been making secured loans since 1993.

     Gold Rush Pawner's & Jewelers was originally located across the street from our current location, which is at 19755 S. Halsted Street, in Chicago Heights, Illinois.  During our Grand opening, we ran a special promotion offering everyone a first month loan, interest free.  People from all walks of life, were bringing in their televisions, cameras, guitars and jewelry in order to get some quick cash, fast!  Our business started growing and suddenly it became necessary to expand our showroom.

     Over the years we have built a close rapport with our customers, who return again and again for many reasons.  Some want to make a loan, others want to sell us their unwanted valuables for some fast cash, and then there are those who just want to browse around for a great deal!


    Our showroom is filled with quality pre-owned merchandise and is for sale to the public.  All items are in good condition and can be bought at bargain prices!! We have many In-Store Deals going on right now!


                        We specialize in Gold, Platinum and Diamonds and YES, WE BUY GOLD & SILVER!!

Gold Rush Pawner's & Jewelers has a Goldsmith on site for your jewelry repairs, we also have layaway available to make purchasing merchandise easier on your pocketbook!!

Around town we are known for making top loans on all items of value!!
All New Customers ~ 1st Month Interest Free On All Loans!!

 Not sure how a pawn loan works, read our frequently asked questions for all the details and our policy and terms!
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